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Simple Animation for Graphic Designers - Exploring Kinetic Type in Procreate Dreams

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About This Class

Procreate Dreams continues to delight creatives both hobbyists and professionals alike since it’s release in late 2023. The app allows artists of all abilities to animate and create motion graphics on the go on their iPad!  The software is very user-friendly but it offers a powerhouse of options that allow users to seamlessly combine illustration and animation tools. As a graphic designer and illustrator, I have found that it is a great option to add a bit of magic and movement to projects.

I’m Jen Lezan, you may have seen my work on my YouTube Channel the Creative Studio, but I’ve been a graphic designer, illustrator and educator for the last 16 years. I’m based out of the midwest and I love helping others take their creativity to the next level.

Throughout this class will be working in procreate dreams to animate text. As a graphic designer - creating projects that are text based is quite common. Whether you are designing a logo, a lock up for social media or even title graphics for a YouTube channel, adding a bit of movement can truly up your game and make simple text a bit more eye catching. 

The beauty of the Procreate Dreams App is that you don’t need to be a professional animator or motion graphics designer to create high quality and fun looking moving graphics. Whether you want to create something simple or a bit more elaborate, procreate dreams offers a fantastic set of tools for creatives. In this months class, we will be exploring procreate dreams together from the point of view of a graphic designer. We will be playing with moving type and how to animate words that can be used in a variety of formats, but for our projects in particular we will focus on a title opener for a YouTube video and then a couple of ways you can animate logo forms and words.  I am hoping, it can inspire you to create something that you can use for your own YouTube channel or to use for graphics for a type project or even just to share on social media.  I’m looking forward to creating with you today!

Welcome to Class!

Hi everyone! Welcome to class.  I am Jen Veguilla-Lezan and I’ll be  the one guiding you through this creative course. I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and educator based out of the midwest and I run Bella + Sophia Creative studio. If you want to learn more about me, you can find me online at: You can also check out my YouTube channel: The Creative studio where you will get a behind the scenes view of the work I do as a creative freelancer and find a huge library of free tutorials catered to those of you interested in graphic design, programs like Affinity and procreate as well as art and illustration. 

As a freelance graphic designer making my work stand out in a sea of design work online can be difficult. One great way to stand out is utilizing animation in your design work. Apps like Procreate Dreams make it really convenient to add in animation using your iPad. Personally, I truly feel the minimalist approach to the app makes it so that anyone really can learn how to animate in a simple way, but the app also has the capacity to create incredibly elaborate work. 

What the class is about

In this class we will learn how to animate type in Procreate Dreams  so that we can create a moving title that can be used for something like a YouTube video or even on social media. Before we jump fully into the process though, it will be important to familiar ourselves with the Procreate Dreams interface, learn a bit more about kinetic type and then apply these concepts to animate text and icons in a moving type project in procreate dreams. 

A few of the skills students will learn

When it comes to the skills you will learn we will go over the following: 

First, we will learn a bit about kinetic typography and the way it is used in the industry. 

Then will explore the interface of procreate dream and look at the 3 ways you can animate text in the app: frame by frame animation, keyframing and performing. 

We then will explore how to add type into the procreate dreams app and apply the concepts we have learned into animating that type to create movement. 

We will create a simple handwriting movement project for a logo, a moving type project with a simple word and an experiment with movement using a logo icon. 


All you need to take this class is your iPad, a stylus or apple pencil and The Procreate dreams iPad App 



Graphic Design enthusiasts


Graphic designers

Anyone creative who would like to create a project with moving type


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The class is geared towards beginners as it will walk you through and help familiarize you with the procreate dreams interface and functions. I walk learners through the process of animating type step by step and I am also introducing some basic design concepts relating to kinetic type. 

Project Instructions + Deliverables 

For your class project you will create an animated type project based on one of the 3 ways to animate in Procreate Dreams: frame by frame, key framing or performing. You only have to select one way to animate for your class project. You will animate specifically a word or set of words  to move on screen. We will be setting up the file to be used in a video like a YouTube video, but you can also opt to use it on social media. Since you can not upload video content to Skillshare’s project gallery - in order to share your project, I suggest loading your final file on YouTube OR on social media and sharing a link to the project or embedding the YouTube video link in your project submission! 

Things to Note

Make sure you download the class resources. I've included a project template that you can opt to use if you prefer to use ready made assets. Also, if you feel up for engaging with the community,  share your project in the class project gallery! You can also share on social media and tag me @bellasophicreative. I’d love to see what you created or even offer some helpful tips if you need them. 

Now, let’s jump into procreate dreams, let’s get started!

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hroughout this class will be working in procreate dreams to animate text.

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Simple Animation for Graphic Designers - Exploring Kinetic Type in Procreate Dreams

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