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Fashion Trend Forecasting 3 -Translating Trends to Product + Affinity Photo V1 for Surface Pattern Design

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About This Class

Class Description

Hi! I am Jen Lezan,  a Designer, Illustrator and Educator based in the Midwest. You can learn more about me at: Bella + Sophia Creative Studio and get a behind the scenes view of my work on my YouTube channel: The Creative Studio.  I have a background working in the fashion industry and teaching in higher education. I specialize in creating surface pattern designs and other illustrated digital media. You may know me from my previous classes here on skillshare which have focused on trend forecasting and developing trend reports. I am excited to share this final installment of my 3 Part series focused on Trend Forecasting and Product Development. You can take the first two classes here (Trend Forecasting 1 and Trend Forecasting 2)

What the class is about

This course will build on the skills and information learned in my previous 2 forecasting class. Students will take the lessons learned and how to apply them in the actual product development process - specifically building pattern repeats for a pattern collection for Surface Pattern Design inspired by their trend research.

A few of the skills students will learn

You will learn how to take your research, and decipher the groups of key  trend ideas shown in the trend presentations and apply them to product development and design. By using their findings as a form of inspiration, students will create illustrated motif concepts and color stories and then build a 6 piece surface pattern design collection.  Students will also learn about the basics of product development and of surface pattern design, why trend forecasting can be beneficial in developing a collection that sells and how to apply their designs to product mockups to showcase them in a portfolio. 

An overview of the class project

For your class project, we will be  taking your trend research to the next level by designing a 6 print surface pattern design collection based on your trend report from prior classes.  You will find a theme and work it into a mini collection featuring a hero print and supporting prints. The goal is to take your trend knowledge to the next level and apply it to one of the steps in the product development process. You will begin with inspiration from the theme you researched in previous classes and then translate it to an end product.

Who the class is geared toward or if any prior knowledge or experience is required

This class is geared towards beginners. You don’t need any prior experience in the fashion industry, but an interest in fashion and trends would be helpful! I would suggest you take my first two Fashion Trends courses, though as this class builds on the information you learned in those courses and builds of the project created in Trend Forecasting Two.  The information outlined in the lessons is meant to be informative and offer a new perspective on the fashion industry and give you an opportunity to create a project that allows you to apply the skills you have learned and work in the affinity programs and procreate. 

Some very basic technical abilities will be needed as I will be showing you step by step how to use the procreate app and the Affinity Photo app to create a raster based repeat pattern. 

Assignment Outlines

Your assignment is to design a pattern collection. You'll develop a theme based on your trend research, bring it to life with repeat patterns, then tie it together with a spot graphic and name. For inspiration and guidance, watch the lessons, download the class resource handout, and be sure to check out my sample project.

Surface design skills are applicable to countless design and illustration projects. You'll love creating a pattern you can use at any size, on any project. By creating a collection, you'll take those skills even further by creating a dynamic yet cohesive group of elements that you can mix and match. Think about decorating your bedroom: you want bedding that matches the rug and the curtains and the artwork. A good collection brings everything into harmony.

What should your pattern collection be about? Pick motifs that are exciting to you or that work well with the trend forecast you have developed in the class. Think about popular motifs that relate to things you know (flowers, your favorite hobby, a special season). You can start from scratch, or build on trend report you created in my second . Most importantly, have fun!


Affinity Photo for desktop (or iPad)


iPad & Apple Pencil

Not necessary, but if you are using a more traditional approach



Black Fine liner 

Scanner OR smart phone that you can take photos on


Share your pattern collection in the project gallery. You can keep it simple and start by sharing your inspiration right away, then update your project over time. You can also check out my sample project as a guide. A complete project will include:

  1. Pattern concept worksheet (don't need to upload - just print out and write on it)
  2. sketches
  3. 3-6 final patterns (a mix of hero, blender, and secondary prints)
  4. collection name
  5. collection story 

Final patterns, collection name and collection story can be shown on the 1 page affinity photo layout template I have included (file name: Displaying your entire pattern collection in one image is a great way to show how patterns in the collection blend together cohesively, and how the scale of each design repeat looks in relation to other patterns in the same collection. You can also showcase your name, a graphic from your collection and the narrative as well on this page. Here is my final as an example: 


Download the class workbook below for tips, information on pattern development and examples.

Use my pattern concepting worksheet to help you organize your thoughts & decipher your trend report.  

First course in this series:

Second course in this series: -to explore more of my pattern collections & my portfolio.

Resources for Mockups

Mockup World 


Creative Market 

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For your class project, we will be  taking your trend research to the next level by designing a 6 print surface pattern design collection based on your trend report from prior classes.

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Fashion Trend Forecasting 3 -Translating Trends to Product + Affinity Photo V1 for Surface Pattern Design

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